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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
2:32 pm - i am kind of sad today ...but kind of happy too
i love the way  my new website http://www.realsecretsworld.com came out but i am sad at some of the stuff i cannot use.....i made a really awesome cafe press coffee cup collection
and i did one for our home too
i am going to order every magnet i made
and the coffee cups
and thecoasters
b4 we left to move to tx i made up a whole bunch of stuff i love too
but i am not attaching themhere now,,,,cant
oh well
i still love my new website
it's beautiful and simple

so i will be proud of myself today but it hasnt been easy i feel violated and accused wrongly and humiliated....it's embarrassing......i realize what and why they did it.....what i dont get is why they didnt get it i guess....

but oh well
gonna head out

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12:25 am - onward and forward

Hello and welcome to my hideing place
this turtle packed up her shell and moved her home

things got chaotic today
hell i woke up with anxiety....... and the day proceeded from there....

that picture up there is our new logo
check out the new website.....i LOVE it :)))))))))))

looks like it's past midnight
gonna go to sleep now

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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
9:53 pm - 0100406d

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
8:46 pm - 1_1

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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8:45 pm - 3_4

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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8:45 pm - 4_1

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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8:44 pm - 5_1

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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8:43 pm - 6

Originally uploaded by innernoise.
note these snail pictures are from cute overload.com

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8:42 pm - 7

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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8:41 pm - 8

Originally uploaded by innernoise.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
2:20 pm - do u have any broken pottery ?
if you happen to have any broken pottery you want to recycle and not throw away just because it is broken then send it to me ...i want to make tables and have a use for the pottery in mind to decorate the tables
our address is:

35780 NN 18th St PO Box 56
Blanca, Colorado

I am not makeing money off of it or anything...i just want to make pretty things in my spare time and lately it has been sounding fun to me to take small pieces of broken pottery or ceramics and i want to putty them together on a surface to make a neat decorated table....


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1:22 pm - I put videos online!
Oh YEah!
this opens up a whole new arena for fun with videos....i have been takeing them quite a bit and not been able to use them so i am very excited to find this place to share some of them.....

for now all i can find is 6 of them that are appropriate to share on this website....

i hope that you enjoy them
peace to u!!!
from flower


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2:02 am - morning

Originally uploaded by teodedi.

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2:00 am - Once upon an evening along the Seine (2)

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1:58 am - Jess's Session (12)

Jess's Session (12)
Originally uploaded by AirOne.

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1:57 am - Look at those legs!

Look at those legs!
Originally uploaded by GymKitten.

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1:56 am - Tommy makes his debut

Tommy makes his debut
Originally uploaded by GymKitten.

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1:54 am - window seat

window seat
Originally uploaded by Queenthings.

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1:52 am - lurking

Originally uploaded by MikeyHennessy.

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1:48 am - Afternoon Nap

Afternoon Nap
Originally uploaded by ospreydesign.

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